Mistletoe and the Major


By Anna Campbell

September 2017

Historical Romance

Edmund Sherritt, Major Lord Canforth, was finally returning home to his bride. After a brief, somewhat awkward, time after their wedding, he had left for the war. Now it was eight years later, and Canforth wasn't sure what to expect when he saw Felicity. She had been an innocent. Shy with him. He wasn't sure of her feelings for him, perhaps even uncertain of his reception after years of absence. What Canforth could be certain of was that his feelings had only grown stronger.

Felicity was not the same woman she had been when her husband had left. She might have deferred to Caforth in the past, but she was now a woman who had run a household. She had once been shocked by the intimacies of marriage. No longer. She was determined to have a full marriage with her husband. Including love.

Mistletoe and the Major was a lovely reunion romance. Canforth has the scars of war and is worried how to approach this new campaign, making a marriage with his wife. Felicity is equally determined to achieve the same goal. It was a delight to watch as Canforth and Felicity navigate their way to love.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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