The Highlander's Rescued Maiden

The Lairds Most Likely - Book 9

By Anna Campbell

April 2021

Historical Romance

Ah, the tale of the lovely lassie held captive in the tower. Will Mackinnon had scoffed at his cousin for wanting to rescue the lovely Fair Ellen of the Isles. And now Will had been proven wrong. For when he happened to land on an island during rough seas, he found that the deserted tower was not deserted. It was in fact inhabited by the indeed, quite lovely, Fair Ellen of the Isles.

Ellen Cameron didn't enjoy being the stuff of legends. Nor did she appreciate the so-called heroes who showed up to rescue her. She was quite happy to have the guards escort them away. Except there weren't any guards at the moment, the inclement weather prevented them from returning to her, and now kept this newcomber with her.

Will might claim to have been unaware of her predicament, but Ellen wasn’t easily swayed by a handsome face and clever words. But as they spend time together, Ellen finds herself drawn to Will, and his promise to help her, not to just be his heroine, but to live a life of her own choosing.

The Highlander's Rescued Maiden gives the happily ever after to the fairy tale readers had previously been misled to believe didn't exist. There actually was Fair Ellen of the Isles, except she wasn’t waiting for a hero to save her. She was ready to hit anyone over the head who crossed her path. The romance between Will and Ellen was sweet. It was endearing to watch Will court Ellen, not just to be his, but to free her from the island even if she chose a future without him. I simply adored these two characters and their fairy tale romance.

Kathy Andrico -


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