The Highlander's Christmas Countess

The Lairds Most Likely - Book 8

By Anna Campbell

November 2020

Historical Romance

Quentin MacNab had come to Glen Lyon to work with his uncle. He thrived there, loved spending time with his family, but it was the new stableboy that had caught his attention. The lad was quiet, shy even. He was determined to get to know Kit better.

Kit, Christabel Urquhart, Countess of Appin, had needed somewhere to hide until she inherited. Her stepbrother was hunting her, and she had come to Glen Lyon where a former servant worked. She was good with the horses, and could hide out, protected by her hosts and friend, except for the too handsome nephew whose intense focus disturbed her. Only for her ability to keep up her charade of course.

Filled with family, friends, love, and romance, The Highlander's Christmas Countess was a perfect read for the holidays. I had adored the romance between Hamish and Emily and it was lovely to see them again. I enjoyed watching Quentin as he investigated his suspicions and finally dismantled Kit's disguise. Even better was Kit's willingness to open up to Quentin and share her problems for them to solve together. I simply adored their story.

Kathy Andrico -


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