The Highlander's Engligh Bride

The Lairds Most Likely - Book 6

By Anna Campbell

April 2020

Historical Romance

The night was supposed to be a highlight for Hamish Douglas, Laird of Glen Lyon. He had planned to provide his proof that would improve his standing in the astronomy community. Instead it had only proven a disaster. And her name was Emily Baylor. She had been a thorn in his side since he had trained under her father. Now she claimed he had made a mistake in his calculations. He hadn't, but he knew if he didn't deal with her, she could cause a scene.

Instead of a mere scene, they caused a scandal. One that found Emily having to decide between accepting her nemesis's proposal of marriage, or not marrying. She leaned towards not marrying, after all, they hadn't done anything wrong. Unfortunately, that did not make a difference to anyone else. She was used to managing her life, and taking care of her father. She had no intention of allowing this Scotsman to take over her life. They had never been friends, and she knew better than to expect much from this marriage.

The Highlander's English Bride was an emotional romance that I truly enjoyed. I loved how dedicated Hamish was to being a good husband. He never tried to interfere. He simply eased Emily's burdens. Emily's position in life was precarious. Her father's health was declining, and as a woman, regardless of the training she had received from him, her options were limited. It was easy to understand her reluctance to accept Hamish as a husband, and poignant to see how she overcame her fears and reach for him. They were the perfect couple for one another.

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