The Highlander's Christmas Quest

The Lairds Most Likely - Book 5

By Anna Campbell

December 2019

Historical Romance

Dougal Drummond needed a quest. There already was peace with his neighbors, so that was out. He was stumped, until he heard of the princess trapped in a tower. He was the man to rescue her. She was his quest, his destiny and he set sail to find her. He didn't let little things like the time of year, bad weather, or even the fact that he had no idea where she was stop him.

What did interrupt his quest was storm damage to his boat. He landed on a small island, and was greeted by the laird's daughter Kristy Macbain. A lass who didn't stand on formality, and even wore breeches. Strangers were uncommon, as Dougal quickly realized with the interest he attracted, but he had one goal. Fix his boat and head back out on his quest. He never expected Kristy to work side by side with him, or a growing interest in her that might make him feel conflicted.

One look, and that was all Kristy needed to fall in love with Dougal. She hoped that the more time Dougal stayed fixing his boat, possibly even staying for Christmas, he would turn away from the lady of legend and embrace the lady in front of him. But nothing seemed to sway him, not her, nor anyone pointing out the various versions of the trapped princess's tale.

He was stubborn. Valiant. Funny. Loyal. Traits that made her love grow, but might make him leave and she would lose him forever.

The Highlander's Christmas Quest was a funny romance that entertained. Poor Dougal, needing a quest so he latches onto a tale that he probably could admit was tall. If everyone wasn't pointing it out to him. A stubborn lovable hero who Kristy decides is the one for her. I enjoyed Kristy, growing up on the small island, so different from other lairds' daughters. She was fun, hard-working and willing to get her hands dirty. I loved watching these two navigating their way together.

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