The Highlander's Lost Lady

The Lairds Most Likely - Book 3

By Anna Campbell

May 2019

Historical Romance

The unfortunate truth of the sometimes treacherous waters was on full display when Diarmid Mactavish, Laird of Invertavey, discovered two bodies during his morning ride. Sadly, one was gone, but the lady still lived. He took her home to Invertavey House and ensured she got the medical attention she needed. But the one thing that eluded medical care was the loss of her memory.

Fiona Grant had escaped one jail for another. The man who rescued her seemed kind and helpful, but she knew better than to trust him. He could turn on her if he knew the truth of who she was. His clan and the one she was running from were enemies. Fiona could not risk her daughter on the possibility that Diarmid would be willing to help a Grant which would also enrage that clan.

The Highlander's Lost Lady was another enjoyable foray to Ms Campbell's The Laird's Most Likely series. Fiona is desperate to keep her daughter's fate from being the same as hers had been, a forced marriage while yet a child. But she was alone, and her hesitation to trust Diarmid is understandable. Luckily, Diarmid is a determined hero, willing to face off against the Grants when it comes to protecting the woman who was becoming part of his heart.

Kathy Andrico -


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