The Laird's Christmas Kiss

The Lairds Most Likely - Book 2

By Anna Campbell

November 2018

Historical Romance

Elspeth Douglas had loved family friend Brody Girvan. But no longer. She was through loving him from afar. She was also tired of being the family afterthought. The youngest, dark-haired, wallflower daughter in a family of fair haired outgoing individuals. She saw herself allowing her life to flow by, pining after someone who would never notice her, and hiding her personality. But no longer. She would stop being in love with Brody, and that wasn't the only change she intended to make.

Brody, Laird of Invermackie, had always known his friend's youngest sister, but she had never before captured his interest. But the last year had brought changes in him, and the quiet dark haired lass now piqued his interest. However, the more attention he showed Elspeth, the more she seemed to rebuff him. Even worse were the people he considered friends. It was not a good feeling when one's own friends didn't approve of his courtship. But all of that was inconsequential when Elspeth transformed and the beauty he had known she was hiding was now on display for all.

The Laird's Christmas Kiss was a delightful romance that I didn't want to put down. I loved Elspeth and Brody. Elspeth was a fascinating heroine and leads Brody on an entertaining chase. Brody had been unsettled in his life, and immediately has an interest in Elspeth. And yes, he had known her through the years, and no, he was not happy with his friends' unease of his interest in Elspeth. This story was exactly what I wanted to read at the holidays.

Kathy Andrico -


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