Lord Garson's Bride

The Dashing Widows - Book 7

By Anna Campbell

March 2018

Historical Romance

Poor Hugh Rutherford, Lord Garson. The jilted fiance of Morwenna Nash. A woman who had turned from him when her own presumed dead husband had returned home. Nobody could place any blame, and Hugh was cast in the role of the kind man who had lost his love. Yes, Morwenna would always be the woman he had given his heart to, but it was time to have a different role. He would find a new woman to be his wife. Not someone he would love, for he was steadfast and true, and he had already given his love to Morwenna, but he would be a good husband.

Jane Norris's prospects weren't exactly bleak, but they weren't encouraging. She hadn't been the pretty sister, hadn't even had a Season. Her father was dead, and she was losing her home. At twenty-eight, she was firmly on the shelf and the only options available for her weren't exciting. Then the son of her father's best friend arrived with a proposition. A proposition that was actually a proposal. A proposal without love, but with friendship.

Marriage to Hugh was so much more than Jane had expected. Hugh was kind, ever so kind, and considerate. And attentive. Not that Jane would ever confuse Hugh's actions with love. He was living up to their arrangement. It was she who was reneging. Jane who had broken their rules. Jane who had made the unforgivable mistake of falling in love.

Lord Garson's Bride was a lovely romance between a hero mired in his own stubborn beliefs, and a heroine who finally finds her own opportunity to shine. Hugh had thought he found the perfect bride, someone who would appreciate him saving her from an uncertain future. Someone who wouldn't expect love. Luckily for him, he married Jane who not only learns to love him, but is willing to fight for the best future they can possibly have together.

I had ended my review of Catching Captain Nash, where Morwenna reunites with Robert, by commenting "I hope Ms Campbell continues with more stories, and maybe the "jilted" fiance will find a love of his own." I am so happy that she has, and that she started by finding the perfect bride for Lord Garson.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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