Capturing Captain Nash

The Dashing Widows - Book 6

By Anna Campbell

July 2017

Historical Romance

Captain Robert Nash had endured torture, starvation, and solitary confinement. There was one thought, the memory of one woman that helped him keep his sanity. Morwenna. None of those hardships matched the pain that lacerated him upon his return home after five years of captivity to discover his brother announcing the engagement of the woman he loved, his wife, to another man.

For the longest time, Morwenna hadn't been willing to accept that Robert had been lost at sea and wouldn't return to her. Loneliness made for a bad companion, and she had found a nice man. A man she may not love, but did care for. He would be a good husband for her, and father for her daughter, and they would have a pleasant life. Pleasant, a pale comparison to the riot of emotions upon seeing her love. Happiness, joy, confusion, fear. So many conflicting passionate emotions.

Morwenna was beyond ecstatic to have Robert back, but he was changed. They hadn't spent much time together, but theirs had been a whirlwind love and he had a career at sea. Now, he had returned, was scarred inside and out, and it would take all of her will and determination to break through Robert's defenses so that they could have the happiness that had almost been denied them.

Catching Captain Nash was the story I oh-so was hoping for. In previous Dashing Widows stories, we had seen the "widow" Morwenna mourning Robert, but trying to start a future without him. We had also seen the pain his siblings felt. Not only is this a wonderful reunion story, but it is a story of healing. Robert is no longer the man Morwenna had married, but neither is she the same woman. This is a commitment of the love they have for who they are now. What a wonderful conclusion to this second trilogy in this series. I hope Ms Campbell continues with more stories, and maybe the "jilted" fiance will find a love of his own.

Kathy Andrico -


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