Charming Sir Charles

The Dashing Widows - Book 5

By Anna Campbell

February 2017

Historical Romance

Sally Cowan, Countess of Norwood, believed in love. She hadn't experienced it, in fact, she had experienced almost the opposite during the trial that had been her marriage, but she knew it existed. She had seen friends and family happily married. She also was actively encouraging the courtship of her niece with Sir Charles Kinglake. He was the epitome of what the perfect husband would be. He was engaging, entertaining, and had definitely shown an interest. Now it seemed as if the announcement of an engagement was imminent, and suddenly Sally found this disconcerting.

Charles was starting to wonder if anything would come of his courtship of Sally. He was in love with the vexing woman, and she seemed to only consider him a younger friend. They shared similar interests, never lacked for conversation, and he was quite certain that she also felt an attraction for him. He could tell she held an inner pain, and he knew he needed to proceed with caution, but over the months, that had led him nowhere. It was time for him to change his tactics and pounce.

Charming Sir Charles was a delight. Of the three Dashing Widows stories I have read so far, this is my favorite. Sally and Charles are at cross purposes, and it was entertaining to see how each viewed their situation. The thought that Charles might be interested in her doesn't even niggle in Sally's mind. She sees herself as older, probably barren as she had never conceived, and is hesitant to trust another man. Charles simply sees Sally as perfect for him. I adored the interaction with characters we are familiar with and eagerly await the next Dashing Widows story.

Kathy Andrico -


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