Pursuing Lord Pascal

The Dashing Widows - Book 4

By Anna Campbell

October 2016

Historical Romance

Amy, the Widow Lady Mowbray, had cared for her husband, but not in a romantic manner. Her first love was agriculture. She could say she cherished the time they spent on the farm more than any intimacy. She had always been more fascinated in anything academic over the social pursuits of the ton. Amy was more comfortable spending time with cattle than with lords and ladies. She hadn't fit in, and her season had been a disaster. But when two other widows decide to make a dashing entrance in London, Amy finds herself agreeing to a makeover and return to society.

Gervaise Dacre, Lord Pascal, needed a wife with funds to help repair his estate. Unfortunately, this year's crop of debutantes presented no one who remotely piqued Pascal's interest. Then he saw the captivating beauty across the room. And when he spent time with her, it wasn't just her beauty that fascinated him. She was intelligent, funny, her knowledge could help save his lands, and she was rich. Unfortunately, it was the latter two that once held such importance that soon became a hindrance. For although a widow, Amy was still somewhat an innocent, and mistrustful of anyone who showed an interest in her. And Pascal wanted Amy for more than money. More than her knowledge. He wanted Amy entirely for himself, but knew in winning her, he might just lose her forever.

Pursuing Lord Pascal was a sexy, sweet romance between a man who had captivated the ton, and a woman who had been happy avoiding society. Pascal is a man with a one track mind, and in this case, he is looking for a wife, and knows he wants Amy as his wife from almost the beginning. Amy, however, is learning to spread her wings, much to Pascal's dismay. For as she finds her standing in society, or if she learns the truth of his situation, she might choose another. It was lovely watching as they both matured into mates perfect for one another.

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