Winning Lord West

The Dashing Widows - Book 3

By Anna Campbell

May 2016

Historical Romance

Helena had never cared for Vernon Grange. Oh, well, she couldn't lie to herself. In her youth, she had cared for him a great deal. But he was the scoundrel who had introduced her to the cad she had married. Her late husband had once been Vernon's friend, and any friend of her now-deceased husband was no friend of hers. It didn't matter exactly how well Vernon appeared to know her innermost desires.

Lord West had one goal, and that was to have Helena as his wife. To his everlasting shame, he now knew the man he had called friend was a scoundrel. But Helena was now free, and he was willing to use all his skills to secure his desired outcome. He knew of Helena's love for horses. He had no doubt that she would read and reply to his letters when he was deployed to Russia, regardless of her threats to burn them unread.

He was willing to do anything to prove he was not the dissolute rake her husband had been. And the action he regretted more than introducing her to that swine was letting her go in the first place.

Winning Lord West was a sexy, witty short romance between two strong willed individuals. Vernon knows Helena so well, and had decided now was the time to let his intentions be known. Then he was sent away for a diplomatic assignment, and thus begins a series of entertaining letters until his return. And then the true courtship begins. Helena's two close friends are engaged, one to her own brother, and their romantic inclinations seem to be rubbing off on her. I didn't read the other two stories, and although this can be read on its own, I believe it would have been better to read the series in order.

Kathy Andrico -