Always, My Love

By Phyllis Campbell

Champagne Books - December 2005

Historical Romance

Since she had been fourteen, Catherine Martin knew the unfortunate fact that she was supposed to marry Grant Fielding. It wasn't that he was a man she didn't care for, in fact she did. He had been a friend to her parents, and she considered him an uncle. He was also quite a bit older than she was. In fact, she was even younger than his sons.

His sons. Catherine had fond memories of those sons as she had grown. In particular, she was quite fond of his eldest, Nicholas. However, she knew her position in society would not allow a commoner like herself to be the wife of a future duke.

Nicholas Fielding had been raised to do his duty, and obey his father. However, this was almost too much for him. He had decided years ago to marry for love, and he had been biding his time for Catherine to mature so that he could court and marry her. Then he learned that his father had already taken her away from him, and he was to escort her in society. Be with her, yet knowing that they cannot be together was torture.

Always My Love is a romance between two people who are determined to play their proper roles, but in so doing, cause tremendous pain to themselves and each other. They both desperately want to be together, but honor, family and duty strive to keep them apart. Not only do they need to come to terms with their feelings for one another, but suspicions start to rise as unexplained accidents begin to occur.

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