George & the Virgin

By Lisa Cach

Lovespell - June 2002


A virgin must be sacrificed, so Alizon tries her best to stop being a virgin, but to no avial. She is the next one chosen to satisfy the dragon. But she escapes, and year after year, for twelve long years, Alizon takes the newest chosen virgin into her sanctuary. They live secluded lives, in fear of the villagers who were so superstitious that when one virgin had tried to return, she had been brutally attacked. This was their home, and she would do whatever she needed to protect the annual sacrificial virgins.

George found himself in an amazingly real trance. To help him fight his personal demons, his sister had insisted that he allow her to hypnotize him. What he sees totally amazes him. His sister had finally managed to succeed, and when the first person he meets begs him to slay the dragon, how could he resist. After all, he was known in the wrestling world as Saint George, and Saint George had slain the dragon - this must be his quest in this visualization.

Thus begins George's quest of self-discovery. When he encounters another man who tries to turn him away, he assumes the man represents the wrestlers he fights, and he reacts accordingly. And when he descends to find the "dragon", which he realizes represents all his personal demons, he starts verbally jeering the enemy, just as any respectable wrestler would. Of course - Alizon simply thinks that the man is mad and that he fights like a girl, so it is up to her to keep him safe.

A professional wrestler known as Saint George, and a medieval virgin saving other virgins from a dragon, George & the Virgin may top the lists for most unusual couple - but it is also one at the top of my list for most enjoyable romances. Ms Cach has spun a tale that captures the imagination, and doesn't let go. The reader will cry for the virgins who are dragged away from their families, will fear for the safety - and sometimes lunacy - of George as he ventures down to seek out this dragon, and will laugh out loud, especially when George is contemplating what the Crocodile Hunter would do in his place. This is a definite Must Read!

Kathy Andrico -