The Mother's Day Crown

Short Story in In Bloom Anthology

By Carolyn Brown

Zebra Books - May 2022

Contemporary Romance

In Bloom Anthology consists of three stories celebrating mothers. Each stands on its own. The three stories are a fiction short story Amazing Gracie by Fern Michaels, and two romance short stories, Meant To Be by Lori Foster and The Mother's Day Crown by Carolyn Brown.

Dotty and Winnie had plans. They each wanted to win the Mother's Day Crown at the Pecan Valley Retirement Center. And they wanted their grandchildren to marry. They had their work cut out for them on that one since Monica and Tyler had broken up ten years earlier.

Monica had visited her grandmother so much that her home had been another home to her. Now, with her grandmother living in a retirement center, she was making it official and moving into the home. The only problem was her neighbor, the grandson of the other former owner, Tyler. The sneaky, back-stabbing former boyfriend she had never gotten over - scratch that. She had gotten over, and had no intention of interacting with in any capacity.

Tyler regretted the loss of his best friend, his girlfriend, the woman he probably would have been married to. Learning that she would be his new neighbor, Tyler is determined to try one more time. First as friendly neighbor. Then a friend. Always with the focus on a happily ever after.

The Mother's Day Crown was a fun romance with sass, spitfire, and romance. The sass and spitfire being the two grandmothers always in competition and conspiring, but full of heart. Monica and Tyler's story was a lovely reunion romance, although I feel it shouldn't have taken them so long. The Mother's Day Crown was an entertaining addition for a Mother's Day Anthology.

Kathy Andrico -


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