Blind Spot

The Guardian Series - Book 9

Short Story in Must Love Hellhounds Anthology

By Meljean Brook

Berkley Trade - September 2009

Paranormal Romance

Her employer called her "Winters", but Maggie Wren didn't bother getting upset that the powerful vampire didn't call her by name. He paid well, he was a good boss, and she liked her job. It was said he considered her indispensable, which was proven when she went to rescue his nephew, Geoffrey Blake.

Everything about him was a surprise. Most obvious was the fact that he was blind. Why a blind man was searching for his missing sister, Maggie couldn't answer. That she was family could cause Geoff to make a reckless mistake. Geoff had another surprise that would make him indispensable in rescuing Katherine.

Blind Spot was an exciting read with engaging characters. Although it only touches on the vampires, I want to go and read more about them. It is part of The Guardian series, but did stand alone. This story is part of the Must Love Hellhounds Anthology.

Kathy Andrico -