The Texan's Twins

Texas Rodeo Barons Continuity Series - Book 4

Harlequin American #1514

By Pamela Britton

September 2014

Contemporary Romance

The Texan's Twins, is the fourth story in the Texas Rodeo Barons continuity series - a series written by different authors. Although connected with a continuing storyline, for the most part, this story stands on its own.

Jet Baron lived life as he wanted. He worked when he wanted, played when he wanted, and pretty much was able to have any woman he wanted. When he met the newest engineer for Baron Energies, JC Marks, Jet knew he wanted her. It didn't matter that his sister, who just happened to also be the boss, warned him away. Neither did the fact that JC seemed hesitant of him. Most surprising of all was his reaction to her twin daughters. Some would have thought, himself included, that he'd run in the opposite direction. Instead, they were all pieces of his heart.

JC knew better than to be friends with Jet. Women weren't friends with him, especially a woman with two young daughters. She'd already lost a fiancee due to his reckless career, she did not need to get involved with someone whose recklessness was just a hobby. Even more, she didn't need to be his newest hobby. For when he left, and it was certain that he would, he could break not only her heart, but those of her girls.

The Texan's Twins was a tender romance filled with family and love. Contrary to everyone else's opinion of him, Jet was quite aware that he needed to proceed carefully in a relationship with a woman with children. He was a hero with feelings that surprised even himself. JC is a heroine determined to keep her daughters first. Luckily for her, she has found a hero with the same devotion to her daughters.

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