Rescued by the Cyborg

Short Story in Embrace the Romance:

Pets in Space 2 Anthology

By Cara Bristol

October 2017

Science Fiction Romance

Life had proven Guy Roarke was different. Destined to be alone. He had undergone cybernetic enhancements and was now a Cyber Operations agent. He went on long undercover missions, and regardless how it might have ended happily for other agents, his engagement had ended with his now former fiancee deciding the long lonely months were not for her.

And his life definitely didn't allow him to have a pet. Regardless that his niece had wrapped and gifted him a kitten, Mittzi. He never knew when he'd receive an assignment, which was proven once again when he disobeyed orders to do a simple recon and went alone to rescue Solia, the sole survivor of a group of hostages.

As a medic, Guy could save Solia's life, but her injuries, in particular to her wing, would require elite care. Guy's intention is simply to rescue Solia and get her someplace safe to heal, despite his growing feelings.

Rescued by the Cyborg was a delightful short romance. I adored both the hero and heroine. Mittzi was a spunky addition and it was touching to see Solia overcome her initial fright of this unknown species and bond with the kitten. There was action, romance, survival, and a kitten. A perfect read.

Kathy Andrico -