Twelfth Night With the Earl

Sutherland Sisters Series

By Anna Bradley

Lyrical Press - November 2017

Historical Romance

Ethan Fortescue knew exactly what he was going to do upon his return to Cleves Court. Close it. The place that haunted his memories would never be part of his future. He expected Cleves Court would be a place of darkness and quiet upon his arrival. Instead, it was bright with lights, merry with Christmas cheer, and full of celebrants. And at the center of it all was Thea Sheridan, who was also the center of his fondest childhood memories.

Thea's dream was to bring Cleves Court alive again, and keep Ethan home. She had been succeeding with the former, even opening it up to some orphans. Now in order to succeed at the latter, she needed Ethan to remember the good times from their past, not just the tragedy. Ethan was making it hard for her and challenged her at every turn, but slowly, she saw a thawing in Ethan, giving Thea hope for all her dreams.

Twelfth Night with the Earl was a romance of healing and bringing two long ago friends together. Thea was a lovely heroine full of hope, caring, and dreams. She faces challenges head on, in particular, one cranky Earl. Ethan does not come across as much of a hero at the beginning. Uncaring of others, and pretty much a nightmare to Thea. But Thea knows Ethan is better than the surly self he was acting, and it is her wish for him to finally find closure with the past, remember more of the good memories, and find a future here at home. Although part of a series, this story does stand on its own.

Kathy Andrico -


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