A Highlander For Christmas

By Sandy Blair

Zebra - October 2007

Contemporary/Paranormal Romance

Mhairie Stewart knew the fate of the Scots, her clan, and her adopted son Sir Cameron MacLeod. She tried to dissuade him from going to battle, but he would not be deterred from his determined path. So she decided to take his fate out of his hands.

When antiques dealer Clair MacGregor receives a shipment late one evening, her life takes a decidedly unexpected turn. Suddenly, an 18th-century betrayed Scotsman is standing in her store. An unhappy Scotsman, who must learn the unfortunate fate of his fellow Scotsmen, the fact that his mother had done this to him, and the truth that he is ill prepared to live in this new world. Clair may be undoubtedly attracted to the man, but she knows that if he is successful in his desire to reverse the curse and return home, she would be heartbroken.

Cam had many skills, and had fought many battles, but he was learning that most of the knowledge that he had was ineffectual during this time. Language may be the same, but words held new meaning. He had no understanding of modern technology, and gathering food landed him in jail. Two things he did know for certain though were that he cared for Clair, yet he also needed to return home. The fate of his people depended on his ability to return and save them.

I so enjoyed A Highlander For Christmas. There were many instances when Cam would hear an expression, and not understand the modern interpretation, and I would palm my head in exasperation knowing that yet again, Cam would inadvertently be causing mayhem in the near future. There is a wonderful growing romance between Clair and Cam, with the uncertainty of whether or not Cam will learn of a way to return home. Sandy Blair has become a Must Read author for me.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com