Double Booked

Short Story in Double The Heat Anthology

By Elizabeth Bevarly

Berkley Sensation - December 2009

Contemporary Romance

Amanda Bingham was finally on vacation. Well, except that she was on call if her boss needed her. It was only a week at a friend's condo, but she was determined to enjoy it to the fullest. The first problem was that her friend had double booked the condo. Not only was there someone in the condo when she arrived, but it was Max Callahan. Annoying, cocky, rude, and unfortunately also planning a week's vacation at the condo.

Max wouldn't have minded having a woman in the condo, if it had been anyone other than Amanda. She was always at the beck and call of her boss - was even working during her so-called vacation. Max was his own man, worked just enough to get by, and lived life to its fullest. Amanda was everything he didn't want in a woman, but she was the only woman he wanted.

Double Booked was the epitome of opposites attract. Amanda is a workaholic who cannot escape her work. I enjoyed Max's not-so-gentle lessons in training Amanda how to enjoy a vacation. Max was unexpectedly endearing, and I enjoyed watching the two realize that they were in love. I did have a bit of trouble with Max's non-existent work ethic, and believing that Amanda would be truly able to accept that.

Double Booked is a short story in the Double the Heat anthology. Also included are Hart and Soul by Lori Foster, Breaking the Ice by Deirdre Martin, and Original Zin by Christie Ridgway.

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