Fast & Loose

Derby Trilogy - Book 1

By Elizabeth Bevarly

Berkley Sensation - April 2008

Contemporary Romance

She must have been crazy to agree to this idea. In order to earn a little money, which would go towards home improvements, Lulu Flannery had agreed to rent her house for the Derby. She had no idea of the type of person that would be living in her home, so she made a point of leaving post-it reminders of what they were, and weren't, allowed to touch.

As if being kicked out of her own home wasn't enough, ignoring the fact that it had been her idea, Lulu had the annoying tendency of running into "King" Cole Early. He was the exact type of person she would not want in her home - a partying playboy who would no doubt trash her little bungalow. Unfortunately, he was also the exact type of person her best friend Bree was looking for, a man with money. So Lulu inevitably found herself in Cole's presence.

What type of woman put a post-it note on M&Ms? From the moment he stepped into the house he had rented, Cole found himself fantasizing about the owner. She obviously had some quirks, but that only increased her appeal. At the same time, he found himself enjoying his interactions with Lulu, someone inordinately unimpressed with him. After being surrounded by all the trainer "groupies", he liked the fact that she was unaffected by his status.

Fast & Loose was a fast paced romance with a light touch of humor, engaging characters, and a love for the Derby. I loved the setting, which is during the weeks preceding the Kentucky Derby, and the town is full of excitement. The main couple initially seems a romance of opposites attract, but as they come to know each other better, it simply proved that appearances could be deceiving. Most touching to me, however, was Bree's romance. Due to personal circumstance, she is determined to find a man with money. However, there is a hero who is oh-so-in-love with her, that it is almost heartbreaking.

Kathy Andrico -


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