Skin Deep

Short Story in The Gift of Love Anthology

By Heidi Betts

Berkley Sensation - June 2010

Contemporary Romance

Eight authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Eight short stories overflowing with romance. The Gift of Love is an anthology of eight romances written to support a charity.

Mac. It was a name he had shed along with the lifestyle that had almost killed him. He had left high fashion photography, New York and substance abuse to run a small family portrait studio simply as Rob MacGregor.

When he heard the name "Mac" directed at him, he knew that his past had walked through his front door. Sophia LaRue. Model. She wasn't going by her professional name now, she was Sophie Lawrence. A woman from the past he needed to avoid. A woman he was still attracted to. A woman who needed his help, and he couldn't turn away. Unfortunately, she wanted to return to the livelihood that he feared, and it was his help that would put her back, and out of his arms forever.

Skin Deep was romance between two people who needed to overcome their own problems to find happiness together. Mac had triumphed over his addictions, but believed that he could not continue to work and live where he once had without succumbing again. Sophie craved to return to her work, but needed Mac's expertise to prove that she still could model. It was wonderful to see them come together.

Included in The Gift of Love are: For the Love of Wendy by Lori Foster, Ava's Haven by Jules Bennett, Skin Deep by Heidi Betts, Atticus Gets a Mommy by Ann Christopher, The Redemption of Brodie Grant by Lisa Cooke, The Wolf Watcher's Diet by Paige Cuccaro, A Fairy Precious Love by Gia Dawn, and Second Time Around by HelenKay Dimon.

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