Mane Haven

Short Story in Love Bites Anthology

By Jules Bennett

HQN - June 2012

Contemporary Romance

Five authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Love Bites is an anthology of five romances written to support a charity.

Allison Barrett had given her heart to Mane Haven. The farm was a home for rescued horses - until a permanent home could be found for them. But it also had become a haven for Allison. The owner, Charlie Wymer, had saved her life, just as he had saved the lives of so many horses.

Then he had died. Allison was still reeling from his death when she had learned of his will. Although she was left the horses, some money, and other items, the farm itself had been left to Charlie's nephew. His nephew he didn't see. His nephew who had made a career out of flipping homes. A man who had come to leave her, and her horses, homeless.

Jake Anderson had never felt guilty for his choice in career. He remodeled and made money. It was an improvement. However, this was the first time that he was going to leave someone homeless. An intriguing someone who had no intention of hiding her disdain. A woman whose inner beauty outshone her physical perfection. An amazing woman who he would be willing to chance a future with, if only she would give him half a chance.

Mane Haven is a touching romance of passion and healing. Both Allison and Jake mourned the loss of Charlie. Allison, for the man who had meant everything to her, and Jake, for the loss of a man he had never known, but who had obviously cared for him. I enjoyed the interaction between these two characters, and watching them bridge their differences to their happily ever after.

Included in Love Bites are: Love Unleashed by Lori Foster, Smookie and the Bandit by Brenda Jackson, Dog Tags by Catherine Mann, Mane Haven by Jules Bennett, and Molly Wants a Hero by Virna DePaul.

Kathy Andrico -

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