Ava's Haven

Short Story in The Gift of Love Anthology

By Jules Bennett

Berkley Sensation - June 2010

Contemporary Romance

Eight authors coming together and providing short stories for an anthology. Eight short stories overflowing with romance. The Gift of Love is an anthology of eight romances written to support a charity.

Olivia Mathis had made a life helping others. She ran Ava's Haven, helping teenagers. Some were pregnant, others substance abusers. Some simply needed help getting their lives straightened out with a job and guidance. This was her life. She had no time for anything else.

Not even Colin Parker. The young man she had known was now a handsome cop. She immediately realized the attraction remained between them, but he represented a time she could not return to. He had left, and afterwards her life had irrevocably changed. Although she helped young people find new lives for themselves, she knew that wasn't an option for her.

Ava's Haven was a touching reunion story of forgiveness. Watching Olivia and Colin make peace with their past and one another was poignant and moving. I don't understand why they made the choices they did in the past that so drastically changed what could have been, but it was nice to see that they finally found their happiness together.

Included in The Gift of Love are: For the Love of Wendy by Lori Foster, Ava's Haven by Jules Bennett, Skin Deep by Heidi Betts, Atticus Gets a Mommy by Ann Christopher, The Redemption of Brodie Grant by Lisa Cooke, The Wolf Watcher's Diet by Paige Cuccaro, A Fairy Precious Love by Gia Dawn, and Second Time Around by HelenKay Dimon.

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