By Becky Barker

Cerridwen Press - June 2010

Contemporary Romance

Andrea Bartell was terrified of what she would find when she was summoned home to Bridleton. For the first time in five years, she found herself at the only place she would ever call home, facing the man who had betrayed her, and realizing that Bridleton was in trouble. There was a chance that she and her siblings might lose it forever.

Noah Courtland might still react to Andrea, but he had no intention of allowing history to repeat itself. Andrea hadn't trusted him, and she'd fled Bridleton, and him, for the glamorous life of an international model. Learning of the difficulties of the ranch, and Noah's chance to finally achieve his goal of obtaining Bridleton, Andrea once again distrusts Noah's intentions. How could he ever prove that although he had wanted Bridleton, it had been with her at his side, and he had never used his position as ranch manager to his advantage.

With the reality of her Great Aunt's health, and the undeniable deterioration of the ranch, Andrea's stubborn will once again emerges. Equally comfortable in either her glamorous facade or ranch attire, Andrea decides to stay on and help save Bridleton for her and her siblings. She is determined to stop Noah, and uncover his schemes. Instead, her biases are shattered.

Bridleton is a romance reuniting two people who had let misunderstandings separate them. Stubborn pride had torn them apart, and it was touching to watch them come back together. I would be interested to see if Ms Barker returns to Bridleton again in the future.

Kathy Andrico -


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