On Wings of Love

Langden Brothers - Book 1

By Becky Barker

Samhain Publishing - August 2006

Contemporary Romance

Jillian Brandt and Trey Langden had once been in love and planning a future together. The first test to their relationship had sent Jillian away to continue her photo-journalistic career, and Trey back to his ranch alone. But when Jillian Brandt learns that her security in witness protection is compromised, she knows she only has one person she can turn to.

Trey had been surprised to have an injured Jillian arrive. Luckily few knew of their previous relationship, and she should be temporarily safe. Jillian is content to return to Trey, and escape the evil men who had killed her friend and tried to kill her. Trey realizes that they only have a short time for Jillian to recover and come to terms with the fact that she will need to return and confront the people that had sent her running.

On Wings Of Love starts out with heart pounding action as Jillian races for her life, then turns into a heart tugging romance as Trey attempts to push a broken Jillian into facing her fears and confronting life. He knows that she will never be complete if he allows her to hide from life. Trey also realizes that once she regains her strength of spirit, Jillian could fly away from him again, but that is what someone who truly loves another will do.

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