Hanchart Land

By Becky Barker

Cerridwen Publishing - July 2006

Contemporary Romance

Two years ago, Susan Hanchart had made a dreadful mistake, a decision with terrible consequences. Just when a relationship had started between her and Luke Hanchart, she had been forced to marry his cruel cousin Shane. Now she was a widow with excessive debt, and she did not want to rely on the Hanchart family for the problems she had.

Luke knew he had to find a way around the stipulation in Shane's will forcing Susan to sell Shane's portion of the Hanchart Land to an outsider. She couldn't sell it to him, but Luke realized that she could marry him. He wanted that land, not Susan. Any feeling he might have felt for her were in the past, before he learned the truth about her.

Hanchart Land is about two people struggling to make a successful marriage despite betrayal and bitterness from choices made in the past. It may be difficult for some readers to identify with the heroine and the choices she made, but understanding that she had nobody to turn to for guidance helps.

Kathy Andrico - RoadToRomance.ca