Cade's Challenge

Langden Brothers - Book 2

By Becky Barker

Samhain Publishing - May 2007

Contemporary Romance

Sallie Archer worked for Cade Langden and had no intention of crossing the line between a professional relationship and a personal relationship. She knew they never ended up well, and she also had known Cade long enough to see that he dated much more than she did. However, when Sallie's home is invaded, Cade takes it upon himself to make sure that Sallie is safe, much to Sallie's chagrin. She had lived too many years in the restrictive confines of "protection" and had absolutely no intention of doing so again.

Cade knew that he wanted Sallie, and was quite certain that she was interested in him as well. The fact that she was putting up barriers didn't concern him, at least for now. His primary concern was that Sallie appeared to be in danger, there seemed to be trouble at his business, and how or if these two issues were related. What wasn't in doubt was that Cade would do whatever he could to protect Sallie. The fact that they may have to spend more time together was just a bonus.

Cade's Challenge was a pleasant read with a character I was very happy to revisit. Cade obviously had feelings for Sallie that were passionate, and the suspense of who was stalking them was intense. I was thrilled to learn that Becky Barker had written a story for Cade. I had absolutely adored him in On Wings Of Love.

Kathy Andrico -