High Passion

Adrenaline Series - Book 2

By Vivian Arend

Berkley - September 2013

Contemporary Romance

They had been competitors since the beginning. In their training. In their careers. Now, Alisha Bailey would have liked to have dismissed Devon Leblanc from her life, her thoughts. Unfortunately, she now worked side by side with him in a team made up of the best search and rescue members around. He may be annoying and irritating, but there was no denying his talent - or his looks. Anyone who spent any time with him would witness the women flocking to him, just like the new employee she saw him with. Not that Alisha was paying any attention. Or cared. She had bigger problems, such as evading her privileged past.

Devon had wanted Alisha forever, but she'd rebuffed him. He still wanted her, and he had no doubt the attraction was mutual. He is the one who steps in and helps her through a crisis, and he is who she turns to when she needs to avoid her past. But the passion between them can no longer be denied. The question is simply how long until they both realize there is more than competition, admiration, and mere heat between them.

High Passion sparks with adventure, suspense, and, of course, passion. The attraction between Devon and Alisha had been obvious in the previous book, and kudos to Vivan Arend for not making readers wait for their story. To some, Devon might on the surface appear to be a carefree goofball, but he never would have achieved his position with Lifeline if that were the case. Alisha knows this, but she soon sees the true depths within. High Passion matches in both title and substance, and I eagerly await the next in the Adrenaline series.

Kathy Andrico - ReaderToReader.com


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