Burn For Me

Hidden Legacy Series - Book 1

By Ilona Andrews

Avon - November 2014

Urban Fantasy Romance

Nevada Baylor ran her family investigative business. They didn’t make much money, but it paid the bills and kept her family safe. That was until she discovered the exact terms of the contract to keep the business meant she had to take on a case that was certain to end her life.

Connor “Mad” Rogan was a power. Not just financially or even politically, but magically as well. He was called Mad Rogan for a reason, and it was enough for Nevada to want to stay as far away from him as possible. But her goal was to capture a killer. A Prime when it came to magical abilities. And it may only be with the help of another Prime killer that she might survive.

Other forces were at work, and it would be a race to try to stop them from destroying everything Nevada holds dear.

Burn For Me is the first in the Hidden Legacy series, as well as the first in the trilogy for Nevada and Mad Rogan. The world building was captivating. I was fascinated by the backstory for magic, and how it had impacted the social structure. I loved Nevada and her family. They were each unique, enchanting, at times simply hilarious, but all devoted to one another. I am interested to see the continuation of Nevada and Mad Rogan’s story as well as uncovering more to the mystery in the future stories.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com