Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate

Marrying a Millionaire – Book 2

Harlequin Romance #?

By Donna Alward

January 2019

Contemporary Romance

For one night Harper McBride had put aside her camera and been part of a fairy tale. It hadn't been her own, her best friend had gotten married, and then Harper had given them an offer that had been both selfless and priceless. Adele couldn't carry a child of her own, so Harper had offered to act as surrogate for Adele and her new husband Dan.

Drew Brimicombe had returned to Banff to consider a new location for expansion, but it also served as an excuse to visit his brother Dan and new sister-in-law Adele. The fact that he ran into Harper was a pleasant surprise, but as she'd explained at the wedding, she wasn't interested in the little he had to offer. But they could be friends, and when he notices Adele and Harper acting oddly, he learned the unexpected news that Harper was carrying his brother's baby. Of course it was Dan and Adele's baby, but it was a bit disconcerting.

Even more, he recognized it for the overwhelming gift of love Harper had given. While in town, and spending time with Harper, he finds she is a woman who enjoys the outdoors, is passionate about photographing nature, and caring of her friends and family. A perfect woman, but he knew not for him. He had no intention of ever settling down in life and wanted to always look for his next adventure.

Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate was a poignant follow-up to Best Man For the Wedding Planner . It was touching to watch Harper go through her pregnancy, and the different emotions she faced. Similar to all mothers, but Harper wasn't the mother. Also, Adele and Dan at times seemed more concerned and focused on the baby, although their concern of her taking extended hikes alone now was valid. Thankfully, Drew was able to step in and be her unexpected support. He was turning in to her hero without him realizing it himself.

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