Best Man For the Wedding Planner

Marrying a Millionaire – Book 1

Harlequin Romance #?

By Donna Alward

December 2018

Contemporary Romance

Adele Hawthorne prided herself on making the perfect wedding day for her clients. She was able to handle any situation thrown at her, and inevitably, something always unexpected happened. This wedding was critical for her, and everything seemed to be falling apart. Having to face her ex, Dan Brimicombe, and learn that he was the best man for the wedding was just what she needed. The flu was sweeping through the staff, and Adele was fighting both the flu and wedding day issues every step of the way. What she never expected was Dan's willingness to help her considering how she had broken up with him.

Dan was surprised to see Adele, but maybe not pleasantly surprised. He had thought that they were going to have a future together, and she had broken things off with him. Maybe seeing Adele was a good thing. He had not had another committed relationship like he'd had with her, and perhaps this would provide closure and a chance for him to move on.

Or maybe, with trust and explanations, they would be able to have the future they'd both once dreamed about.

Best Man For the Wedding Planner was an enjoyable reunion story. I could understand why Adele made the choice that she did, but I don't necessarily agree with it. I liked Dan, and how he was still so attuned to Adele. Stepping in to help her when he should simply be enjoying his friend's wedding, and then again later. They were perfect for one another, just as they were, and it was touching watching as Adele healed from the scars of her past, and came to this realization.

Kathy Andrico -


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