Deck the Halls

Darling, Vermont Series - Book 3.5

By Donna Alward

Swerve - October 2017

Contemporary Romance

Deck the Halls is a short story in Donna Alward's Darling, Vermont series, but does stand on its own.

George Reilly finally had his life back on track. He had allowed too many years of his life to disappear. When he'd returned from service, where his best friend had died, despair and depression had taken over his life to where he had lived on the streets. Homeless, jobless, without family or friends, he had simply existed.

But that was over. He'd been offered help, and he had accepted. He was working, and he had friends. He had a roof over his head, and he was becoming part of the community. Life was improving and he was looking forward to the future. What he didn't need was to revisit the past.

Amy Merck needed answers. Her brother, Ian, had died, and she wanted to know what had happened. Years may have passed, but there was a gaping hole where her twin had been. She needed answers only George could offer, and not just about Ian's last moments. She needed to understand what had happened to George, to the man her brother had cared so much about. Even more, she needed George to realize that he had no future, without healing from the past. Only then, might they have the future together that had been hinted at so long ago.

Deck the Halls is a story of healing and romance. Readers of the Darling, Vermont series have witnessed George's transformation from living on the streets, to holding a job. Now, we learn the truth of what had caused his life to collapse, and further transform into that of Amy's hero.

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