Someone To Love

Darling, Vermont Series - Book 2

By Donna Alward

St. Martin's - March 2017

Contemporary Romance

Ethan Gallagher had thought he'd planned his whole life. Career he loved, wife he loved even more, and children. Then the unimaginable had happened, and he had lost his love. His children their mother. It might have been a couple years, but he still mourned her loss, and he struggled as a single father. Thankfully, he had a wonderful extensive family to help with his unpredictable responsibilities as a firefighter. But that wasn't always enough. Sometimes, they even turned to the local oddity who was his new sister-in-law's best friend to find help for him.

Willow Dunaway had made changes in her life to make herself if not, whole, then better. Sure, others might not be able to understand everything she did, but it made her happy, and that was important. She couldn't allow the grouch that was Ethan to disturb her, but soon found that she couldn't prevent it. She wanted his good opinion. She wanted the small smiles and comforting hugs of his children. She wanted everything she hadn't allowed herself to dream about. She wanted him, but knew there was a good chance she wasn't what he would want.

Someone To Love was a sweet story of the healing power of love. Both Ethan and Willow have wounds from their pasts that they need to resolve, and luckily, they are able to do so with one another. Ethan is a wonderful hero, both in his career and life, and an even better father. Willow is a caring person who truly looks at how she can better others. I liked both characters, but would never have envisioned them together. However, I did enjoy the story and look forward to reading younger brother Rory Gallagher's story.

Kathy Andrico -


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