Somebody Like You

Darling, Vermont Series - Book 1

By Donna Alward

St. Martin's - February 2017

Contemporary Romance

Laurel Stone was back home, and she'd known she would run into Aiden Gallagher sooner or later. Once, they had been friends. She had even thought they might be more than friends, then she had learned the truth about him. But he was just one man who had simply betrayed her. She was recently divorced from another who had lied to her, stolen her dreams, and broken their marriage vows. Now she wanted to make a new life in her old hometown, and hopefully avoid Aiden. Unfortunately, when the garden center she opened was vandalized, Aiden was the officer who arrived.

Aiden had hoped that time might have eased Laurel's bitterness towards him, but it hadn't. She was just as acerbic as ever. Of course, they hadn't actually spoken since the incident, but they had been kids. He had been stupid. He regretted his part in hurting her, but she couldn't seem to get past his betrayal.

They had a history together more than teenage pranks, and one that the town wanted their help on. As kids, they had been photographed kissing on the Kissing Bridge. Now, they were being asked to recreate the scene. There was little that Laurel wanted to do less than to be the center of attention once again, standing with the first boy, now man, who had broken her heart, while pretending to be a happy newlywed.

Somebody Like You is a small town reunion romance full of emotion, family and friends, a dash of suspense, forgiveness, and romance. Aiden had been quite a jerk. There really isn't a kinder word to put to it. In fact, it seemed that when he was in a corner, he often didn't handle the situation properly. There had been Laurel while still a teenager, then there had been his ex-girlfriend whom he'd equally mishandled. He was older now, settled, an officer, and he knew that so much he'd done wrong had been due to the intense emotions he'd always felt for Laurel. Laurel had turned away from Aiden after their mishap and found love with another man. But that man had stolen so many dreams from her, and she is very hesitant to trust Aiden, who had hurt her so badly before. It was lovely to see them navigate the treacherous path to finally find their own Happily Ever After together.

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