Almost A Family

By Donna Alward

Samhain Publishing - January 2007

Contemporary Romance

It had been six years, and yet the hurt still felt fresh. Molly Schaeffer had returned to watch her niece, Sara, as her sister, Kim, recovered from a car accident. Learning that their next door neighbor, a man who Sara called "Uncle," was the same man that she had spurned six years earlier was a tremendous shock.

Jason Elliot had wanted everything with Molly. He'd dreamed it all down to the finest detail. However, when he'd shared his dream with Molly, and asked her to marry him, she had left, without even saying goodbye. Not only had she left him, but she'd left her younger sister.

Having been out of Sara and Kim's life for so long, Molly immediately realized that she didn't know her niece. Still, here she was expected to take care of her while Kim was in the hospital. Fortunately for Sara, Jason had become a fixture in her life. Unfortunately for Molly, that meant that she needed to turn to Jason for help.

In Almost a Family, as Molly and Jason take care of Sara, they both realize what they've missed. For Jason, this had been exactly what he wanted - Molly by his side, and a family to care for. It wasn't that Molly hadn't wanted this. Yet she had still taken the opportunity of being Jason's wife, and the mother of his children, and thrown it away, literally back in his face.

I enjoyed reading Almost a Family and Jason is exactly the type of hero any woman would want. Sure he had figured out their future, but many analytical people can be like that. However, I really didn't understand why, if Molly had loved him so much, she couldn't just tell him that they needed to consult on the finer details of his plans. I felt that the characters were fully developed, and would love to see a story for Molly's sister, Kim. I look forward to additional stories by this author.

Kathy Andrico -