Gwen's Resolution

Short Story in Winter Wonders Anthology

By Meg Allison

By Grace Publishing - 2007

Contemporary Romance

Gwen Josephs had decided to go out and enjoy herself. Who cared if she was single? That didn't mean that she couldn't go out for New Year's Eve, have dinner, and see a movie. Determined to follow her new resolution, Gwen showed up at the diner, but learned that there were no tables available.

Unused to being in a small town, Gwen was taken aback when a good looking stranger offered to let her sit with him. The gentleman seemed nice, and since it was a small town, the waitress was able to vouch for him. His name was Tad Smith, she learned that they had many things in common, and soon Gwen's resolution of enjoying an evening by herself was replaced with simply enjoying her evening.

Gwen's Resolution was a pleasant short story of two people unexpectedly coming together. I found it more realistic since it was a small town, where others would be able to allay Gwen's nerves about meeting a stranger. I enjoyed the characters and was thrilled with the movie marathon they attended. I adore those movies as well.

Gwen's Resolution is a short story in the Winter Wonders Anthology which includes 4 stories. The other stories are Snow Kissed by Cindy K. Green, Smuggler of the Heart by JoAnn Carter, and Maybe Forever by Muncy Chapman.

Kathy Andrico -