Alaina's Promise

By Meg Allison

Samhain - January 2007

Historical Romance

Alaina Ryan had promised to go with her father to the land of his birth, Ireland. His health was failing, and she wasn't even sure he would survive the journey, but he did. Although she was eager to see Ireland, it was the revelation he made to her on the journey that filled her with trepidation. He had made a pact with his childhood friend, and he wanted her to marry his son.

Torin O'Brien knew of his father's agreement concerning him and Alaina, but because of his past, he knew he could not honor it. Torin had been cleared in the death of his first love, but suspicions in the small town remained. No matter how much Alaina tempted him, he would not succumb.

Alaina's Promise was unique for me as I had not previously read a book set in 1870s Ireland. It was fascinating to learn about the time and culture. The romance between Alaina and Torin was poignant as they both had to overcome significant ordeals that had happened to them years before, but had lasting effects. This is the second story I have read by Meg Allison, and she is becoming an author I will look for.

Kathy Andrico -