Coming Home

Short Story in SEAL of My Dreams Anthology

By Jami Alden

Bell Bridge Books - 2011

Contemporary Romance

Nick DeMarco had come, but it was too late. Nine years had passed, and he should have come to visit his mother. Instead, he was attending her funeral. It had been too painful to return. His mother had visited him, but Nick couldn't risk seeing Sarah Decker. The woman who had been his friend, lover, and future. Instead, she had resented his decision to join the military, and left him for a safer future.

Time and reality changes a person's perspective, and Nick doesn't like what he learns about himself. He had chosen the Navy over Sarah's protestations, never taking her fears into consideration. It might be difficult to realize he had contributed so much to their parting, but he had no difficulties in allowing Sarah back in to his life.

Now, he hoped that they might once again have a future.

Coming Home was a touching short story of two people who should never have parted, finally coming back together. Nick has to come to terms with how his uncompromising stubbornness cost them nine years together. Short but powerful, this story is a fitting addition to the SEAL of My Dreams Anthology.

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