Miss Independent

By Elisa Adams

Samhain - January 2007

Contemporary Romance

Amanda Storm was now independent. She had moved away from her family, bought a home, planned on taking care of all the upkeep herself, and had a job. She was independent. It didn't matter that there were a multitude of repairs that her home needed, she was happy, and she was independent. Thrice divorced before she was thirty, Amanda knew that she was not good in relationships. However, she was an adult, independent, and would be able to have a very fulfilling friendship, should the occasion arise. She didn't need to immediately think about flowers, dresses, and marriage vows. After all, she was independent.

Joe Baker knew Amanda needed help, and he was just the man to do it. But he had heard her "I'm independent" litany enough to know that she would not accept anyone's help. It didn't matter that he was a contractor and could quickly fix her problems. However, it was her independent stance on their relationship that worried him most. At first, he wasn't ready for a committed relationship, but as he got to know Amanda, and realized she was hiding her fears behind her independence, Joe knew he wanted more. He just hoped he could make Amanda realize he wouldn't be another failed relationship, and she could still be independent with him at her side.

Miss Independent is about a woman trying to prove her independence, but not truly grasping what being independent means. Her multitude of failed relationships had shattered her self esteem, so she was trying to prove to everyone that she didn't need anyone. She could do everything herself. But that is not what true independence means. Joe knows what it means, and he finds himself drawn to this woman. It was fun watching Joe slowly flirt and fluster Amanda out of her shell, and seeing Amanda grow into the woman she always was meant to be. The care that Joe feels for Amanda is evident in every word and action he makes. I enjoyed Miss Independent and look forward to additional works by this author.

Kathy Andrico - RoadToRomance.ca