A Very Merry Bromance

Bromance Book Club Series - Book 5

By Lyssa Kay Adams

Berkley - November 2022

Contemporary Romance

Colton Wheeler's current lack of a love life was apparently matched only by his lack of music magic. He had thought he and Gretchen Winthrop might be at the beginning of something beautiful, but those thoughts had been dashed by her eagerness to escape his presence. He hadn't had any relationships since Gretchen, and now he was also at risk of losing his music career. The powers that be weren't impressed by his most recent submissions, and he had to agree to work with a songwriter and improve his muse. He might currently have no romantic entanglements, and a tanking career, but he did have his family - both his by birth, and the extensive Bromance Book Club guys, wives, and growing families.

Gretchen may be a Winthrop by birth, but she wasn't by choice. She didn’t allow the fluke of her birth to dictate her career or choices. She was a lawyer helping families stay in America, and together. Sometimes it felt as if she wasn't helping anyone, but learning of an opening to work with the family foundation, Gretchen was willing to do almost anything. Even see Colton again.

Colton was dumbfounded when Gretchen approached with an offer to be spokesperson of her family's whiskey. Not only had he not known she was one of those Winthrops, and he never expected such a lucrative offer, but he was shocked to see Gretchen. And he was willing to implement everything he had learned from the Bromance Book Club to make the best of this opportunity.

A Very Merry Bromance is a touching reunion romance full of friends, family and healing. The coldness of Gretchen’s upbringing touches so much of her life. From her lack of Christmas decorations to her running from Colton. Colton is a hero determined to bring love, Christmas and music to Gretchen’s life. It was wonderful to see the Bromance group sprinkled throughout the story, with their families sharing in holiday traditions and helping these two finally come together. I look forward to the next Bromance Book Club book.

Kathy Andrico - KathysReviewCorner.com


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