Isn’t It Bromantic

Bromance Book Club Series - Book 4

By Lyssa Kay Adams

Berkley - July 2021

Contemporary Romance

Elena knew divorcing Vlad and returning to Russia was the right decision, but it was not an easy one. She would prefer to have a marriage in truth with Vlad, but things didn't always go as one wished. But when Vlad was injured in a game, Elena immediate dropped everything to help him.

Vlad Konnikov had a problem. He was in love with his wife. That would be great news for most people, but Vlad and Elena had a unique relationship. They had been best friends as children, then he had proposed marriage to bring her to America as he played professional hockey. However one thing led to another, and she had gone off to school and lived a life separate from him. And he would never hold her back.

Vlad appreciated Elena's help during his recovery, but it was equally pleasure and torment. He was taunted by what could be. And between his fellow Bromance Book Club members giving advice, and his neighbors weighing in, Vlad began to see maybe there was a chance for his own happily-ever-after after all.

Isn't It Bromantic was the exceptional romance I expected it to be. I had only read the previous story, but I knew that Vlad was going to be an endearing hero and deserved his love. I have not read many stories with Russian main characters, and it was interesting to learn some foods and other pieces of culture. I adored all of Vlad’s friends, not just the bookclub, but also his nosy neighbors. Never mind the dog and cat. Vlad loves animals, another reason he is a perfect hero. I hope to see more stories in the Bromance Book Club series.

Kathy Andrico -


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