Crazy Stupid Bromance

Bromance Book Club Series - Book 3

By Lyssa Kay Adams

Berkley - November 2020

Contemporary Romance

Noah Logan didn't buy in to his friends' belief that the answers to relationships lie in romance novels. The other guys might read those books, but he didn't. Even though his best friend, Alexis Carlisle, was a woman. A woman who he might try to lie to the others about, but he couldn't lie to himself that he wished was so much more than just a friend.

Alexis was trying to get her life back in order after she had unwillingly been in the national spotlight after accusing a celebrity of harassment. She was running her café, and finding that others who are in the same position she had once found herself in, are coming in for more than a drink. She is a known safe place for them.

And Alexis knows that a safe place for her is with Noah. After she receives a shocking revelation, it is Noah she turns to. Noah that she trusts. Noah that she is slowly discovering she wants so much more than to be just friends with.

Crazy Stupid Bromance has everything. It is fun, at times light, then intense, reunion, best friends romance, emotion and overall love. The entire cast of characters were engaging and watching them interact was very entertaining. Noah and Alexis were perfect for one another, and it was enjoyable to see them find their happiness together. Although I hadn't read the previous two stories, it was easy to follow the various characters and now I plan to go back and read them. I also am very much looking forward to the next story in the Bromance Book Club series.

Kathy Andrico -


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