Snowball's Chance

Short Story in Red Hot Santa Anthology

By Cherry Adair

Ballantine Books - November 2005

Romantic Suspense

They were members of The Agency. Formed to help the good guys get the bad guys, they were able to avoid the legal loopholes that sometimes allowed the bad guys escape justice. They found the kidnapped, protected the innocent, and captured the bad guys. They tended to be loners, on the outside, and never expected that love may come at the next assignment.

Kendall Metcalf was a survivor, and she had the scars to prove it. Knowing he was behind bars allowed her a semblance of security, finding out that he had escaped shattered that illusion. Treadwell had escaped, and he was leaving a trail of death on his way to find Kendall. Only Joe Zorn stood in his way.

Snowball's Chance is a short story that has it all. A well developed plot, fast paced storyline, engaging characters, and suspense. It is part of the Red Hot Santa Anthology which includes 4 stories. They are Snowball's Chance by Cherry Adair, Santa Slave by Leanne Banks, Big, Bad Santa by Pamela Britton and Killer Christmas by Kelsey Roberts. If you're looking for an anthology of sexy thrillers, this is it.

Kathy Andrico -