Night Secrets

A T-FLAC Series Novel

By Cherry Adair

Ballantine Books - November 2008

Romantic Suspense

After an amazing initial debut for a first-time author, followed by an equally spectacular disaster as scandal erupted around that same book, Sydney McBride had lost credibility with everyone, and more importantly, her family. Now she was relegated to writing about plastic surgery, and she was making sure all resources were fully researched. To the extent that she herself had even gone under the knife.

That was until the sudden appearance of Lucas Fox. Obviously a wanted man, the local authorities were searching for him, and Sydney scented a story. She was determined to stick to him and find out what exactly was going on.

T-FLAC/psi operative Lucas didn't want to have Sydney's help. Unfortunately, his powers were on the blink, and he needed her contacts and access. Something was happening at the spa, more than some nips and tucks. What they would uncover would require all of Lucas's flickering abilities and T-FLAC resources in order to succeed.

Night Secrets is yet another action packed romantic suspense by the talented Cherry Adair. I continue to be fascinated by the psi abilities that she gives her characters. The romance between Lucas and Sydney was intense, and I enjoyed watching as Sydney healed from the torment of the previous year. However, I did find what was truly happening at the spa to be a bit gory and disturbing. Also, I found the climactic resolution to be a bit abrupt.

Night Secrets is the second of the Night T-FLAC trilogy. It involves three T-FLAC/psi operatives who are friends and had grown up together. We have seen in the first two stories that these heroes have both had issues with their abilities. Also, the terrorist operatives are still active. I'm sure this will all be resolved in the final story.

Kathy Andrico -