Night Fall

A T-FLAC Series Novel

By Cherry Adair

Ballantine Books - October 2008

Romantic Suspense

It should have been a simple visit with an old friend. Rest and relax in the small African country of Mallaruza, where his friend, Abioyne Abi Bongani was president, seeking re-election. Instead, T-FLAC operative Simon Blackthorne, found himself enmeshed in a conspiracy, helping to try and figure out the cause and cure of a deadly virus, and protecting his friend's publicist who seemed to be a target of whoever was behind these events.

In truth, considering he was not only a T-FLAC operative, but also a wizard, it should have been a case much simpler than it was turning out to be. It seemed that his powers were on the blink. He couldn't control his abilities, and at times, they wouldn't work at all. Add the fact that a very powerful wizard seemed to be at the heart of the conflict, and Simon knew they were all in danger.

Kess Goodall knew that sometimes her imagination had a tendency to run, but that is what made her a great publicist. Regardless of the fact that she had lost her job, faced censure, and had to go to Africa for a new job. But she believed in Abi's leadership skills and dedication to his people. However, it was the suffering of his people that now drove Kess. She had no intention of waiting for Abi's friend, or anyone else. She wanted to do whatever she could to let the world know of this plight.

Kess knew there was an attraction between her and Simon, they both acknowledged it, but she also knew that she was not in Simon's future. He had confided to her the qualities of the ideal future wife already planned for himself, and she simply didn't fit at all.

Night Fall gripped me from the beginning to end. The suspense was continual, but interspersed with occasional bits of humor as Simon's "on again/off again" abilities would cause unwanted results. I adored the characters. Kess was someone who went full-steam ahead, and Simon was perfect to rein her in. I was also touched by Simon who could be a hero that still dreamed of a wife and family in his future. The only problem was that he hadn't envisioned a short red-head, and I enjoyed watching Kess change his mind. I eagerly await the next T-FLAC story.

Kathy Andrico -