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August 2007

According to Karen Rose Smith, The Bracelet is "quintessentially hers". It reflects much of her own life's experiences. It is set in her hometown, and captures the feelings that many encountered during the Vietnam War.

I probably would not have pursued reading The Bracelet (Please see my review!), had Karen Rose Smith not been the author. I tend to not like flashbacks in books, I only read historicals set in the 1800s and before, and I like reading stories knowing that the HEA and future is wide open to the hero and heroine. However, in this story, the hero and heroine have already been together for thirty years. They met, fell in love, and started their HEA back then. Why have a story thirty years after their romance, and if they haven't been enjoying their HEA all of this time wouldn't that be a bit depressing?

All of those thoughts crossed my mind as I started to read this book. But once I started, any doubts quickly vanished as I immediately became riveted to the events, past and present, of the Malone family.

We begin the story as Brady and Laura Malone are arguing. A newspaper has run an article that when Brady was in Vietnam, he killed women and children. It is during this argument that Brady has a heart attack and is rushed to the hospital.

During the following hours, days, and weeks, Brady and Laura relive their past. We see how they met, and fell in love. We learn of Brady's experiences during the war, and the difficulties they had with miscarriages and the loss of a son.

This book differs so much from a traditional romance in that we are seeing the ramifications of Brady and Laura's imperfections through the years. Although they love their adopted children as their own, Brady and their son have never been able to bond as well as he and their daughter had. Also, Brady and Laura recognize that they may be pulling apart.

One of the best qualities that Karen Rose Smith brings to her romances is that each of her books will emotionally touch the readers. However, I believe that The Bracelet leaves all her previous novels behind. I was emotionally riveted to this story from cover to cover, and if you follow my advice and read this book, I believe you will be as well.

I asked what we can look forward to in the near future. Here is Ms Smith's response:

"As for what's coming up next: This week my editor and I are brainstorming taglines for my new Special Edition series DADS IN PROGRESS. The first book, The Daddy Dilemma, will be released in February 2008. The first two books in the series are set in Minnesota, the third in Albuquerque, New Mexico. The three heroes are brothers who have a strong sense of responsibility and a longing to be good dads."

"I've just finished the second book in the series about two veterinarians (for pet lovers). Now I am working on a continuity book for a new series within the Special Edition line--The Wilder Family. I always have new plot lines dancing around in my head and I'm thinking about setting my next series in Texas. But I never know what will pop up next."

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