Interview with Sherrilyn Kenyon

September 2018


Imagine my surprise when I was asked if I would like the opportunity to interview Sherrilyn Kenyon. Of course I replied yes. I have been a long time fan of Ms Kenyon, and also awarded her one of my KRC 10 Year Gems

Below are both questions of my own and submitted to me. Hopefully you will learn something new and interesting about Ms. Kenyon.

KRC: Do you refer to notes when writing?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: It is all in my head. Every once in a blue moon I crack open a book... but it is very rare I don't remember it.

KRC: As a romance reader, I am so eager for Nick to have his HEA. I had read that there will be three adult Nick books, will those be his romance?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Plan is that it his romance, but I don't know what he will do. They do things all the time... I don't know. The characters take things into their own hands.

KRC: Are the 4 Shadows of Fire books all from Cyprians POV?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Yes

KRC: Will he have an HEA?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: My plan, but who knows? He could die. I have my plans but they run amuck.

KRC: When you travel on vacation, do you have to go incognito?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Beautiful thing about being a writer, people don't recognize us. I can be at the autograph booth and people don't recognize me.

KRC: If you could only publish one more book - whose would it be and why?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: I don't know, whoever it would be in my head. I have no idea. Whoever is screaming loudest.

KRC: Do you ever hear your characters with the wrong accent?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Only when they are horsing around. To me they are living beings, and they'll do that like people do. Ash will mock somebody. In the League they do it all the time. They are insanely bad for mocking people. They have no respect.

KRC: In Shadow of the Moon, Fury and Angelina's story, Anita's mate is stuck in his lion form from a device called the Pulse. Will there ever be a story where a cure is discovered and he is freed?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: I have wanted to go back but haven't had time yet. When I get a minute, I want to go back to that. There was a book that was supposed to come out that got side-tracked.

KRC: Do you ever see your characters in your dreams?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: I don't know, I don't really dream. To my knowledge, I don't dream at all. I think because I dream when I write. Or I don't sleep enough to dream.

KRC: Based on her answer, I didn't need to ask my next question, but I did mention it to her. If they are in your dreams, do they cross series, like League and Dark Hunters hanging out together?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: No but they do hang out together in my head all the time.

KRC: If Cyprian discovered a trapped kitten - would he rescue it?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Maybe, depends on his mood and the cat. He is a tricky one, it would really depend on his mood. He is so unpredictable. On one hand, he can be kind. He is like Zarek. With Zarek, he might, but then he'd be, "get yourself free". Both would be curious at first.

KRC: If you couldn't live in North America, where would you move to?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Japan to be with my baby. My son is in Japan. He was there to study, now living there.

KRC: Have you been to Japan

Reply from Ms Kenyon: No, not yet

KRC: If you were stranded alone on a deserted island and none of your characters could help, directly or indirectly, except speak to you - who would you pick?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Savitar

KRC: To me, Fantasy Lover is the first book in the Dark Hunter series. Why isn't it listed on your website as part of the Dark Hunters series?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: It is confusing. If you are a fan, you know it is part of it. If you are not a fan, and come new, Fantasy Lover does not have any DH characters in it. We answer a lot of emails about this. The list is for an international fan base. Originally, there were DH characters and lore in it, but a whole lot of the book was cut out. Easier to remove it.

KRC: Do you ever wish you didn't have to start the League series over?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: OMG yes. I first started it in 3rd grade. Original Born of the Night draft was written at 18. My intent was to be published in order.

KRC: If you could only continue to publish one more series, which would it be?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: I don't know

KRC: Have you ever wished you hadn't killed a character?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Um. All of them?

KRC: Ever consider merging your Dark Hunter and League series?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: I have but it would be really hard. (laughter)

KRC: From a genre you haven't written, who would you pick as your favorite author?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Cereal boxes. There isn't a genre I haven't written.

KRC: I read that you played the flute - were you in your high school marching band?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Ah yeah.

KRC: What else do you play?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: Drums, harp, violin, guitar, keyboard, piano, piccolo. What else is laying around? Not much I don't play. Saxophone, not well. I don't like reed instruments. Fiddle more than violin. Lets see, bass. Those are the big ones. Bagpipe. Not often, and not particularly well. I don't get to practice much, people don't like it. Bongos, spoons. I play weird things.

KRC: Do you do tours when you travel? Go to museums, etc?

Reply from Ms Kenyon: OMG yes. That is my shtick.






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