A Pirate for Christmas by Anna Campbell

December 2016




I love Christmas Romance Short Stories. Typically a sweet, touching romance while celebrating the Christmas Holiday. A Pirate for Christmas is the embodiment of this - and much more.

Everyone is a winner this month! I've been told that A Pirate for Christmas is currently free, and should remain so until Jan 6, 2017.

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A Pirate For Christmas

Bess Farrar needed a donkey, and she would do whatever was needed to get the new earl to accommodate her. The donkey wasn't just for her, it was for the good of all the inhabitants of Penton Wyck. After all, they couldn't have the nativity without the donkey, and that pirate of a new earl had ignored her letters for the last time. She would visit him in person at Penton Abbey, even if she had to wait for him. After all, if he was unaware of his duties to their village, as daughter of the vicar, Bess was more than willing to inform him what they were. Starting with the donkey.

Rory Beaton, the new Earl of Channing, had inherited his brother's title and estate. Due to his late brother's ill health, Rory was besieged with many estate issues, as well as one persistent bonnie lass who piqued his curiosity. She forced her way into his home, demanded he provide some unknown-to-him donkey and insisted he needed to hire the local villagers to work in his home. None of this he could disagree with.

Until her comment about his former career as a pirate.

A Pirate for Christmas was a truly enjoyable romantic, funny, perfect for the holidays romance. I adored Bess and her take charge attitude. She had the entire village wrapped around her finger. But it was her interaction with the new local pirate that was truly entertaining. Rory, was a wonderful hero - fascinated by Bess, but quite confounded by the locals' belief that he had been a pirate. Perhaps it was because he was Scottish and had lived at sea. If you enjoy historical Christmas novella romances - then this is one not to be missed.

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